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Couples Therapy

At Transformative Counselling Services, we value the importance of using evidence based approaches in Couples Therapy. We seek to ensure that the highest quality of service is utilized to create a safe space where you and your partner can work on your relationship, no matter what is needed. We understand how fragile and delicate you and the relationship may be at this moment and so it is with compassion and therapeutic skilled interventions that we engage with you to bring healing and restoration.

Hamilton Couples Therapy

Relationship struggles and issues are diverse and so depending on your needs will determine the work involved. Therapy may be short term or long term. Some couples may only need some help to reconnect by working on some new practices and routines to relight the flame, while some may need to go further and work on healing, rebuilding trust and recreating a new spark. Therapy can be more behavioral in nature if the relationship requires more stability and safety or it can be more emotionally focused if the relationship requires more attachment strengthening. The work is unique to your own life and situation and Transformative Counselling seeks to create your own unique goal plan and treatment, using proven techniques and interventions.

Possible areas of focus:

  • Improve communication

  • Deepen emotional connection

  • Healing hurts and rebuilding trust

  • Creating or building relationship bond

  • Life changes

If you are looking for Couples Therapy in Hamilton, please reach out to Transformative Counselling today!

Loving Couple
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