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Clinical Services

In 2013, Transformative Counselling opened its doors with the goal of providing people in the Hamilton Area with quality and compassionate counselling and therapy services. Whether you’re looking for help to better yourself, to heal deeper internal wounds or repair a broken relationship - your wellbeing is our number one priority. We go above and beyond to serve you to meet your needs with personalized services. We look forward to meeting with you.

Hamilton Therapy and Counselling Services
Clinical Services
Transformative Counselling Psychotherapy

Therapeutic Approaches

There are many different types of therapeutic approaches. It can be quite confusing and overwhelming for someone who has no previous knowledge on the matter and is just looking to get some relief from their suffering. At Transformative Counselling, the approaches used are evidence based and recognized throughout the world. The approaches are backed by research in the field and built upon years of practice. Your well-being is important and it deserves a high quality of care.

Hamilton Couples Counselling and Therapy

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be truly amazing and wonderful. They offer us a sense of love, belonging, connection, support, and they help us develop as individuals so we may flourish in life. Our brains are wired to be in communion with others but when those relationships are not going well they can create havoc and pain in our lives. We may feel empty and alone even while being in a relationship. Couples Therapy seeks to restore that connection bringing back the feeling of love, belonging and support.

Transformative Counselling Individual Counselling

Individual Therapy

There are so many reasons why people seek out counselling and therapy. A person can feel like their life is in complete disorder and chaos, leaving them helpless to do anything about it. Someone may feel that they are coping well but there is just one area of life that needs to be worked on or changed. There may be new changes in life and the old ways of dealing with things is just not helping. There is no right or wrong reason or specific criteria to seek out support through therapy, it always comes down to you and how you are feeling and how you are coping. 

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