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What to expect from counselling

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People will experience counselling and therapy in different ways. No person is identical, and each one of you are unique. You have experienced life according to your own history, which means you all have a different story to share. You can expect that each one of you that comes to Transformative Counselling Services will have the opportunity to be heard as a unique human being and not simply according to your problems or symptoms. You are not the problem but the problem is the problem. You are still a person on the path of life.

Forms of Therapy Used

Emotion Focused Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
person centered psychotherapy
couples / marriage counselling
pastoral counselling

As a counsellor / therapist, I feel that it is my place to empower people to find a new sense of self, and help people find new ways of coping and dealing with their present struggles. In the process, I focus heavily on offering emotional support and pathways to emotional healing. That being said, I feel it is crucial to have a proper assessment and establishment of goals between me and you, which opens the door to offering appropriate interventions. It is your right to know what is happening in the room, and what kind of treatment you are receiving. I keep an open dialogue so that no one is left in the dark. You are already struggling, and it is my duty to assist you in overcoming those struggles, not add to them.

Individual & Couples


Pastoral Counselling

Your experience at Transformative Counselling Services is based on presence and listening, in a comfortable and safe space. Our Counselling and Therapy services is not solely structured around problem solving, but rather offering you an authentic human experience of respect, dignity and growth, which fosters healing. 

Individual counselling is based on a private one to one session, focusing on a relational context between you and the counsellor, incorporating modern skills and techniques of intervention. In Couple Counselling, whether married or not, you are offered a safe place to openly discuss and deal with the issues and obstacles that you are struggling with. In the session, the counselling is focused on the relationship and how to nourish it.

Pastoral Counselling incorporates another dynamic to counselling or therapy. It offers a psychospiritual dimension, which means your spiritual life is not excluded in the process of therapy or counselling. The basis is that people also develop spiritually and if that development is obstructed, then it can bring struggles and hindered growth into their lives. The influence of spirituality is rooted from a theological background. Pastoral Counselling still relies on the foundations of counselling and therapy but the counsellor is also informed by the existential, or deeper meaning of a person's values and concerns.